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Bladder Cancer Survival Better with Chemo
Invasive bladder cancer survival odds improved with chemotherapy before or after surgery
Breast Cancer Patients May Benefit from Vitamin C
Vitamin C supplements associated with reduced mortality risk after breast cancer diagnosis
Older Patients Fared Worse After Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Colorectal cancer patients who are older had more complications and higher death rate after surgery
Dad's Age Could Affect Daughter's Cancer Risk
Breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk of daughters affected by age of father at birth
Breast Cancer Treatment Can Affect Ovaries
Chemotherapy for breast cancer was associated with high rate of ovarian failure
Breast Cancer Treatment Had Lingering Health Effects
Long term effects of breast cancer treatment included increased lymphadema and osteoporosis
Fertility Meds Didn't Cause Breast Cancer
Breast cancer was not long term effect of fertility medications
Single Men Might Ignore Signs of Melanoma
Melanoma diagnoses in men living alone were more likely to be in an advanced stage
Colonoscopies Can Prevent Cancer
Colonoscopies and polyp removals prevented many cancers from developing
Cialis Falls Short in Preventing ED after Radiotherapy
Tadalafil was ineffective at preventing erectile dysfunction after radiation therapy for prostate cancer
A Way to Spot Liver Cancer Sooner in Cirrhosis Patients
Ultrasound screening of liver cirrhosis patients detected liver cancer earlier
Lowering Risk of Death with Fruits and Vegetables
Fruit and vegetable consumption tied to lower risk of death from all causes