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Double Mastectomy Rates Increased
Bilateral mastectomy rates increased among breast cancer patients in California study
Most Women Did Not Opt for Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy was less common in black women and those with less education
Cancer Screening May Not Benefit Elderly
Patients with limited life expectancy received cancer screenings that may not be helpful
Brisk Exercise May Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women
Breast cancer risk in black women lowered with vigorous exercise for several hours a week
NSAIDs May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
NSAIDs reduced breast cancer recurrence in obese and overweight women
Bone Loss Rx Studied for Possible Lowered Breast Cancer Risk
Bisphosphonates not linked to reduced breast cancer in study of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
Mammogram Benefits in Women Over 75
Increased cancer survival found in women over 75 with mammogram detected breast cancer
Acupuncture Could Help Patients With Breast Cancer Find Relief
Acupuncture for breast cancer patients on aromatase inhibitors improved anxiety and depression
Tamoxifen Gel May Cause Fewer Blood Clots
Breast cancer patients may benefit from metabolite of tamoxifen in gel form
Finding the Best Way to Screen for Breast Cancer
Digital mammography and tomosynthesis combination screening decreased patient recall and increased cancer detection
Balancing the Benefits and Risks of Mammograms
Breast cancer screening by mammogram is effective in preventing some deaths but risks are a consideration
Breast Cancer Screenings Have Been Effective
Mammograms have caught breast cancer earlier leading to fewer late stage cancers

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Understanding Cancer
Each year, one and half million Americans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. If you or a loved one are among them, understanding the basics of the disease can help.
Risk Factors for Cancer
Cancer doesn't discriminate, and anyone can get this disease. However, some factors can increase your likelihood of developing cancer.
Treating Cancer
More than 10 million Americans have undergone cancer treatment. Learn what happens when doctors fight cancer's spread.
A Lump in Your Breast Means Breast Cancer: Myth or Fact?
Sometimes folks stay away from medical care because they fear what they might find. And a lump in the breast can be a scary thing indeed. But does finding a lump mean you have breast cancer?
Breast Reconstruction
Women who have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy often choose to have breast reconstruction surgery. How does it work?
The End Result of Alcoholism
Many people are able to responsibly use alcohol. However, repeated alcohol abuse or a diagnosis of alcoholism can both lead to severe consequences. Here, we'll look at what addiction can mean to your body--from cirrhosis to cancer.
Understanding Breast Cancer
A brief overview of breast anatomy will help you to better understand how cancer develops there. Learn the basics now.
Breast Cancer Symptoms & Diagnosis
While many breast cancer symptoms fail to manifest until cancer has grown or spread, there are certain physical changes to watch for. Learn what to look for and find out how breast cancer is diagnosed.